Handling a crisis

Building Trust

What you’re going to find in this post won’t be useful if your reports don’t trust you.

Our focus should be removing ambiguity and uncertainty.

Both of them lead to conflict and discouragement because people are going to fill in the blanks, and they’re going to do it in a time where they are feeling most fearful and uncertain about their jobs, so it’s not going to be good.


During a crisis, especially when there are people leaving the company or there are a lot of changes, most people lose their sense of belonging, the connection to a group of people, and when this happens their amygdala perceives problems as a threat. This is the typical fight or flight.

Questions we can ask in the 1:1

Showing concern and awareness of the situation. Showing them that you care.

  • I wanted to check in and see if there’s anything I could do to support you right now. I know the answer to this question is probably obvious but how are you holding up with all the things we’re passing through?
  • I know that seeing friends go is difficult, and that right now there is a lot of uncertainty. So, it’s difficult to keep the motivation up. I understand that and it’s normal, if you need to rest or disconnect feel free to do it.
  • As a manager I’m here to help, I’m always here if you need anything. But if you prefer to talk with another person it is ok too.



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Félix López


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