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  • Stefano Tortarolo

    Stefano Tortarolo

    Avid reader. I spend most of my time inside my head. Engineering Leader.

  • Claire Lew

    Claire Lew

    CEO of Know Your Team (http://knowyourteam.com). My life’s mission is to help people become happier at work.

  • Bernardo Hernandez

    Bernardo Hernandez

    I love to entertain ideas and make them happen

  • Alfonso Garcia-Caro

    Alfonso Garcia-Caro

    I wrote a compiler for all sakes! Creator of @FableCompiler, coauthor of Mastering F# @PacktPub

  • Gonzalo Ortiz Jaureguizar

    Gonzalo Ortiz Jaureguizar

  • Jerome Etienne

    Jerome Etienne

    Making WebAR a reality! 8th most active user on github - Write @learningthreejs - Ex @daqri

  • Jose Antonio

    Jose Antonio

  • Manuel Alonso

    Manuel Alonso

    Dad. Passionate Software Engineer at @invisionapp. On emacs the half of the day.

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